Meet our Coaches


Regis Mahoy

Nicole Yohe

Taylor Thomas

Nick Newhouse

Brogan McBee

Dylan Kashak

Austin Warnack

Noah Lahm

Sam Strunk

Brandon Fiedor (Only when in PA)

Eric Huth (Only during Geneva breaks)

Cherylyn Klause (Private Lessons)


Coaches in Training:

Celina Camacho

Gavin Adametz

Noah Strunk

Lillie Furnier

William Furnier

Adam Hall

Kaylee Yurko

Noah Simone

Everett Koss

Chris Gott

SADLY, Emiliano Lozano moved to California!


Nichole Fiedor (SCP Athletics, LLC)

Nichole is the new owner of Steel City Parkour. Her older boyz, Brandon and Cameron, trained with Steve and Christian for many years, since 2014, when the gym opened, until they graduated and left for college. Nichole is a Veteran and was a Captain in the United States Air Force where she was a Personnel Officer. After deploying in 2006, she decided she needed to focus on her family with her youngest son, Seth, having multiple special needs. She was honorably discharged in 2007, after serving 7.5 years. Having a Bachelor’s Degree in Human Development and Family Studies from Penn State University, Nichole was a lead pre-school teacher for awhile. Then she was hired as the Secretary for Trinity United Christian Church where she worked for 11 years. Currently, she is a Direct Support Professional with Advanced Living Options; and, with the help of Steve, Nichole has a whole new exciting opportunity with Steel City Parkour.



Steve DiGirolamo
(Instagram @Digiflips)

Steve is the original owner of Steel City Parkour. He worked at Jewarts Gymnastics where he coached tumbling and trampoline and built their youth and adult Parkour classes for 4 years. Steve also created a Parkour program at Ultimate Gymnastics coaching kinds as young as 8 years old to adults in their late 40s for 2 years. In the summer of 2013 he coached Parkour at the first ever Parkour Week at Camp Woodward. Since then he has coached at Woodward for several other weeks teaching parkour and cheer. Steve also does performances and television specials as well. He has performed at clubs and Concordia Lutheran Ministries, and was featured in an episode of Pittsburgh 360 about Parkour.

christian fly

Christian Winchell
(Instagram @ChristianWinchell)

After starting a parkour club on his college’s campus in North Carolina, Christian went on to coach parkour, freerunning, and tumbling through gymnastics gyms in NC and NY. When he is not coaching, Christian is actively training parkour and freerunning himself. He has participated in several invitational competitions and even placed first in Flow Fest ’16 and ’17 Freerunning Competition. Christian began working at Steel City Parkour at the beginning of 2016.