Temporary Pricing during Pandemic
● Private Group lessons (4 student min) $20 per person
● Private open gym (5 student min) $15 per student
● Open reserved class $15 per person per hour
● Open gym reservation $15 for 1 hour $20 for 2 hours.
● Private lesson $50 per hour

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You must email or call ahead, no drop ins!

Ignore information below until we return to normal schedule


Yearly Registration Fee $50 additional family members $25

*registration is collected in January and discounted if you sign up later in the year

1 class per week $75 per month

2 classes per week $125 per month

3 classes per week $175 per month

*Due to some months being longer and with holidays a month is considered to be 4 weeks, therefore if you are signed up for one class per month you are guaranteed at least 4 classes in that month, but no more than 5 classes.

Drop in on a class for $20 (limit 3 drop ins without registration)


5% discount if you pay for 2 months

10% discount if you pay for 3 months

15%  discount if you pay for 4 months

Multiple family members discount, %10 for 2 members, %20 for 3 or more members

Open Gym:

2 hr  open gym with minimal instruction (Ages 12+ or advanced class students) Members $15    Non members $20

1 hr Youth open gym with moderate instruction. Coaches actively help students, build obstacle courses. (ages 8+)      Members $10      Non members $15

Youth Open gym punch card (10 hours of open gym) Recommended for 1 hour open gyms to get the most savings! Members $80    Non members $100

Adult open gym punch card (10 hours of open gym) Members $50   Non members $70

Unlimited open gym pass $100 per month

Adult open gym (17+) Members $10    Non members $15

Pitt or CMU students $10

Unlimited open gym pass $100 per pass

How Our Classes Work:

 By Email, Phone, or in person tell us:
1. What class type do you want to attend and how many days per week you plan on attending
2. Pick the days of the week you want to come
3. If you miss a class or the gym is closed you can make up the class on another day of the week.
* All classes must be made up within the month

Classes offered:

Beginner Parkour/Freerunning(Youth Ages 8-12) (Teens Ages 13-16):

This class is recommended for students who are just getting into Parkour/Freerunning and do not have a strong foundation of parkour specific skills. This will also involve students that are not able to perform flips without a trampoline. This class will take place primarily on mats and soft surfaces, and will place an emphasis on safe landings that can be applied to harder surfaces.

Advanced Parkour(Youth 8-12):

This class will focus on becoming a well rounded Parkour and Freerunning athlete. Elements of tumbling and tricking will be also introduced into this class. Students will have full use of the facility to learn these skills. (Note: Students must be referred by a coach to join the advanced class.)

Adult Parkour (Ages 16+):

This class is designed for adults who are interested in Parkour or Freerunning. Recommended for people with no Parkour experience to those with intermediate skills, the class will give you the basics and the skills to apply during the open gym sessions.

Little Ninjas (Ages 5-7):

This is a strength training class for students 5 to 7 years old. This class will focus on improving climbing, balance, and general strength through fun challenges and obstacle courses.

Junior Warrior Class (Ages 9-16):

This class focuses on training for ninja warrior. Students will learn the obstacles and build strength. Obstacles used in this class include, warped wall, salmon ladder, hanging obstacles, balance, and more!

Contact Us:
Phone: 724-799-1038