New Pricing:

$50 Yearly Membership

(due every January) additional family members get membership for $25 *You must be a member to buy punch cards

How much can you save by doing a membership? It depends, if you prefer to come only for 1 hour, then 8 classes/ open gyms would cost $120. A punch card is $100 dollars. Therefore you would save 20 dollars. If you buy 2 punch cards (cost $190) you will save 50 dollars. Or 3 punch cards ($250) you can save $110 dollars!!

If you prefer to come for the 2 hours of open gym the savings are: 2 punch cards saves you $10 and 3 punch cards saves you $50.

*Only members can use the punch cards, they can not be used for friends (unless the friend is also a member)

Drop in:

Open gym/ages 8+ class

 $15 for one hour $25 for 2 hours

1 Punch Card (Worth 8 hours)- $100

2 Punch Cards: $190

3 Punch Cards: $250

*** Must be a member to use punch cards!

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Phone: 724-799-1038