Birthday Parties/ Privates

Parties, Groups, and Private Lessons

**Parties are only offered for children ages 5+


The facility offers birthday parties and other parties as the schedule and coaching staff allow

The basic party is 60 min of fun and games followed by 30 min of food (not provided) and presents.

To reserve parties and schedule private lessons contact


5 to 10 Participants $285
11 to 15 participants $350
16+ Participants $350 + $20 per additional person


Pricing is based on how many people participate and how long you wish to attend. Groups are treated like private open gyms, coaches will be present to monitor safety and provide tips but they are not there to coach. Ages 8+ are eligible for a group open gym session. Group private lessons can be scheduled for groups looking for instruction.

For 1 Hour

5-10 people $25 per person
11+ people $20 per person

For 2 hours

5-10 people $35 person
11+ people $30 per person

Private lessons and Group lessons

Private lessons and group lessons provide high quality instruction to help students master skills faster than in ordinary Open Gym Sessions. Students can focus on whatever skills they want and use any equipment in the gym. Private lessons can be scheduled with any coach of your choice. Private lessons are available for ages 5+

30min of instruction

1-3 people $30 per person
4-8 people $25 per person

60 min of instruction

1 person $50
2-3 people $40 per person
4-8 people $35 per person

Contact Us:
Phone @ Gym: 724-519-8003

Phone TEXT: 724-994-9665