What is Parkour?

Even amongst the most well known parkour practitioners, the definition of parkour is debated. Most commonly, athletes will agree that strict parkour movement is different than freerunning. While parkour can be described as efficient movement when trying to transport one’s self from point A to B, freerunning uses these movements and adds a style component. A practitioner of parkour focuses on training safely and perfecting techniques that apply to various scenarios including a precise landing onto a small ledge, or even performing a movement at height! A freerunner would use parkour fundamentals such as landing tech, climbing, and jumping, while adding in freestyle movements such as flips and spins. Here at Steel City Parkour we offer a facility for guests to train all sorts of movements. Our classes focus on teaching techniques that a student would be able to apply anywhere, and even involves practicing safe ways to fall. A student participating at Steel City Parkour should expect to repeatedly train proper jumps and landings, in addition to practicing freerunning.


Am I too out of shape for parkour?
Am I too old for parkour?
These are all questions that we get and our answer…
Parkour is for everyone!
Anyone at nearly any fitness level can learn Parkour and benefit from it.

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