Schedule *You must email or call, no drop-ins)

After receiving E-mails and suggestions we have come up with the following temporary schedule for the public. The classes/open gym will have a max of 15 Students. The classes are mixed ages and we will make sure no student is overwhelmed or bored. To schedule just E-mail or call 7247991038. When calling just say which session you wish to attend and if it will be reoccurring. (example. I would like to enroll a student in sessions 1A, 1D, and 2B on reoccurring basis) If you know you are going to miss a reoccurring class please call ASAP.  There will be no monthly payments, or membership/discounts. The COVID situation is always evolving and we may have to shut down again with very little notice. We can credit remaining classes if you had paid in March, however if possible, we would greatly appreciate if you choose not to redeem those remaining classes. Small businesses are struggling with new expenses, and less customers and Steel City Parkour is no exception.



If you wish to Schedule a private lesson/group or party please email We left ample room to schedule on the weekends and weekdays.

*class schedule subject to change, view our Facebook or Instagram for events and weather delays or closings

Temporary Pricing during Pandemic
● Private Group lessons (4 student min) $20 per person
● Private open gym (5 student min) $15 per student
● Open reserved class $15 per person per hour
● Open gym reservation $15 for 1 hour $20 for 2 hours.
● Private lesson $50 per hour

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You must email or call ahead, no drop ins!